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No credit card? Call our 900 number!

Looking for phone sex, but don’t have a credit card on you? Well, here’s your answer, call a 900 number. In this article we will go through a brief history of what a 900 number is and how it works. How you are billed for a 900 number, as well as the differences of an 800 number and a 900 number. Lets first start with what an 800 number is.

An 800 number is a number that costs you nothing to call until it asks for your credit card. Usually there will be an advertisement in the beginning to get you to want to go further to give them your credit card number. At that point you are connected to the main part of the call. This is when you get to talk to your phone sex operator. You are being billed by the minute that will be charged directly to your credit card.

The 900 number is somewhat similar but with a different structural process. With a 900 number you do not need a credit card; all you need is your phone line. 900 numbers can be called from home phones or cell phones, and you are billed directly on that bill. When you call a 900 number you will have to listen to a small blurb about what the number is, and how you’re going to have to pay for it. A normal standard blurb usually sound something like this “For only $3.29 a minute, you can enjoy…” fill in what the 900 number is for. If you should hang up at this point you are not charged, but should you continue, you will be billed for it. The charge is tacked onto your phone bill most times.

There are many services that use 900 numbers, these include the one we are discussing, phone sex operators, but also psychics, to hear your horoscope, advice, governmental agencies and many other businesses have a 900 number. There are also many 900 numbers cropping up that offer everything from a shoulder to cry on to someone to tell you a joke to make you laugh when you need it. But if you don’t have a credit card, and are in need of some good quality phone sex, well then the 900 number is for you.


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