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Amateur and PRO phone sex

Many people will ask the question, “What is the difference between Amateur phone sex and Pro phone sex”. The question is a hard one to answer, only because not only are we getting into the realm of experience, but were getting into the human psyche. What follows is a simple breakdown of the differences and what makes each unique. This will cover experienced and inexperienced amateur phone sex operators as well as what is known as “Pro” phone sex operators, and why amateur phone sex is really just a label.

The inexperienced amateur phone sex operator.

Probably the most accurate of all the labels, the inexperienced amateur phone sex operator is most commonly someone who is new to the business, Phone sex is considered a legitimate business in most places and many women, and some men, of many ages make a living doing this. This is the stage where a new operator will find their own style and what works to satisfy their clients. These operators work under many labels, from the basic phone sex operator to specific fetishes. They are gaining experience and starting to understand the market.

The experienced amateur phone sex operator.

The experienced phone sex operator, in effect is a marketing ploy that prey’s on men’s lust for the inexperienced girls or the virgin girls. At this point the phone sex operator as found their style and this is their niche. They sound innocent, play innocent, and for what you’re paying they are innocent. They are what you want them to be. At they end of the day they perform a service and get paid for it. Many older men will prefer to call these lines, as many older men would prefer to be with younger women. Meanwhile these operators have been in this line of work for some time, but still sound young.

Pro phone sex operators

The pro phone sex operator, like the amateur phone sex operator, is a service filling a niche. Many younger men prefer to call these lines as they usually entail older women. For younger men, this is a fantasy that can find fulfillment here. Pro phone sex operators have usually been the business for a while, have found their style and long perfected it. They will more often then not have a steady client bases that are repeat customers.


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