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Domination, humiliation. slavery. These are all things that are encompased when we talk about domination sex. What we will be looking at is what this looks like when it comes to phone sex. We will look at the similarities., the difference, and how it works.

First we will look at what domination really is. Domination is the act of giving or receiving complete control over someone in either a sexual or non sexual relationship. One of biggest things is a person who engages in a domination relationship is looking to be controlled. They are called the sub. The person who is doing the dominating is called the Dom. A person who does both (usually a dominatrix, someone who is paid to do this) is called a switch. They will be either the Dom or the Sub depending on their clients needs. They call the act play, and when it happens its called a scene. There are many forms of this as well, for some its is only a control fetish. others it is a humiliation, and others its a dominance fetish. All three can be encompassed, and or any combination of the three depending on both parties boundaries involved. These "plays" and "scenes" can come in many stages, including role-play as well, with teacher/student, cop/suspect. master/slave.

The same things are encompassed when it comes to domination phone sex. People who will call these line, are either active in this form of relationship in real life or are exploring it as a way to get into it and test the waters of their own boundaries. When you call most domination phone sex lines, you will discuss what boundaries you want to set. This allows you to explore this in a healthy way.
Most times when a person calls into these lines, they want to be dominated, though there are a few specialized lines that allow a person to take control and be the Dom.

For those that either losing complete control or gaining complete control turns them on, this is a healthy way for them to explore these desires and fantasies. Because there is no physical contact you can disconnect at any time you wish, so you really still have control. Usually there is also a safe word the Sub will use to signal that things have gone to far, making this the safest way to explore.


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