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Do straight men call gay hotlines? That is a very hard question to ask and a harder one to answer. Mainly because it is a phenomenon that most people will not want to talk about. To answer the question plainly, yes some straight men do call gay hot-lines, and there are a variety of reasons. We will look at a few of these and how it transcends into real life, who these men are, and what it actually means.

There are many reasons why a straight male would call a gay hot-line. These range from curiosity to experimenting with their sexuality. Many men will at one point or another in their life have a dream or fantasy or opportunity, possibly the experience, of being with another man either one on one or with a women at the same time. This is not something to be freaked out about as most people go through this. Not all men will have these experience throughout their lives. And those that do, even fewer will act on them, but for those that do, a sex line is a safe place for them to test the waters of their sexuality to see if this is something they really do want. For many men, this is the first time they will be delving into the world on homosexuality and where they fit into it, and this can be an unnerving process for many. It is going into the realm of the forbidden, into where society as a general has not accepted.

Many of these men who do actually call the gay hot-lines, will eventually have a physical encounter with another male. For many this is the first time they will be truly sexually satisfied, and it all started with one call. For others the call is enough for them to realize that this isn't what they wanted but rather something that happened and after exploring, they can safely say that men are not what they want in a sexual partner.

They're many different men, from all walks of life that will call these numbers. Some are from affluent families and this is a way for them to discreetly explore their sexuality discreetly, others are married men looking to explore or are recently divorced looking for a change. Either way, it's a safe environment for them to explore their sexuality.


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